Meet the Makers - Matt Sulker of Sulker Cider


Appleseed: If you were a cider, which one would you be?
Matt Sulker: Definitely a traditional scrumpy. Nothing fancy, just a working class cider...hmmm Sulker's Scrumpy has a nice ring to it ;)  

Appleseed: What do you like most about working in the cider industry?
MS: Being able to help redefine what cider can be. A lot of people associate cider to more of an apple flavoured cooler. I'd like to see that change.

Appleseed: What distinct flavours do different apples provide?
MS: From nutty to tropical, apples can really run the gamut of unique flavours in cider. Throw in some naturally occurring yeast and the sky's the limit.

Appleseed: What is your favourite apple to use in a cider and why?
MS: Ontario russets are one of my favourites since they make a wonderful single variety cider. Also a huge fan of some of the crab varieties.

Appleseed: What is something we may not know about cider?
MS: A lot of the mainstream import ciders are full of artificial flavourings and colourings, in addition to deceivingly large amounts of added sugar. Support local ON ciders and ON apple growers!